I currently live in Fife, Scotland. There are some local resources here which can make moving to a new country easier if you also live or work in this area.

The North-East Fife Community Hub

This is a great place to connect with others. You can find out more on their facebook page here. The Community Cafe is not currently able to open during the Covid pandemic. However, members of the Community Hub helped set up a community aid group during the pandemic, you can find the facebook page here and the website here.

Clothesline: The North East Fife Community Hub clothing-bank.

Clothesline can provide free donations of good quality used clothes for adults and children who need these. You can either fill in the form below, or ask me to help and I can send it for you.

When Clothesline receive a referral, they can deliver clothes in a COVID safe and a discrete way. All personal information is stored by Clothesline securely, following GDPR guidelines.

Clothesline can also provide clothes for special occasions, including job interviews, weddings and funerals.

Here is the referral form:

If you would like help with this, contact me at: contact@rebecca-salter.com