These materials include the following themes:

  • Celebrating and learning about families’ cultural and language heritage.
  • Building on home learning and experiences in early years settings and schools.
  • Learning more about migration experiences, and connecting with family and friends living in other places.
  • Outdoor learning.

Training is available for all of these resources, to explain more about the thinking and theory that underpins them. Please get in touch if you would like more information:

Outdoor learning

These activities include ‘story starters’, simple rhymes and ideas to inspire creative storytelling in your family….

Harvest time

These activities include practical, hands on activities to explore families’ own stories of harvest, and where our food comes from…

Tales of Christmas

These activities include this little character, Piotr the Pinecone, who travels around Europe learning about Christmas traditions!

Post and Letters

For families living in different places, sending post is a regular part of life. Here are some creative activities related to this theme.