Migration can be exciting but it can also be a bit scary! In my experience finding a welcoming community can make a big difference. I am really grateful to friends in Poland who helped me learn useful language, and more about the culture when I moved there. When we were children, my family were grateful to those in South Africa who explained new school systems and useful local information.

On this page you will find opportunities to join communities where you can learn and practice English, and take part in and comment on some of the activities I develop in my work.

I also hope to learn more about different cultural backgrounds, including stories and experiences that anyone would like to share. Some of this will help me prepare storytelling, consultancy and training in other parts of my work. You are welcome to share ideas, and if you don’t want something repeated I will respect that!

The groups and activities on this page are informal and free of charge. You are welcome to join when you like and there is no commitment to continue.

If you want formal, specifically tailored English lessons, please click here for more information about lessons and prices.

Current activities:

Previous activities:

Family English Group June 2020. Thank you to those who joined us!

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