In my experience, it makes a big difference when you receive a warm welcome after moving to a new place or country. Here are some resources that can help with this. I can provide these for your workplace or for individuals, either alongside English lessons or as one off resources/ events. Please let me know if you need these resources translated in to a particular language and I will try to arrange this.

Welcome packs: with a warm welcome at the front, and then lots of local information and useful contacts in it. This might include information about local banks, shops, healthcare, bus information and other services, cultural tips and places to visit on days off.

A Key Phrase booklet: useful phrases, both for work and every day living. I will try and arrange for this to be translated into key languages required.

Welcome and Knowledge Exchange events: These can be arranged at convenient times for your workplace, as new people arrive. The events aim to offer a warm welcome in person and to share useful local information that will hopefully make moving to a new place easier. This might include places to find household items easily, and lots of local practical information. There will also be opportunities for questions and answers. The ‘Local Information and Resources’ section of my website also gives some ideas of useful resources in the Fife area.

For more information about prices and packages for English lessons, please e-mail me at