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Easter Eggs 2021

People in many countries across Europe prepare special eggs, painted/ dyed with beautiful colours and patterns for Easter. 

Yesterday, my friend from Romania sent me this lovely photo of the eggs they had decorated in her family. This is a Romanian tradition on Maundy Thursday.

Photo credit: Adela Stan

Here is a simple idea for early years settings:

  • Invite children/ parents/ grandparents from different cultures to share with a group of children about how they decorate eggs. This could be done through Zoom, Teams, or videos during the Covid pandemic.
  • It’s a great opportunity for children to learn a bit about the science behind preparing the eggs! What happens when we boil them? Let the children try dropping an uncooked egg and a hardboiled egg and see what happens!
  • Boil a number of eggs and leave a range of painting/ dyeing materials for children to explore with and see what they create!
Eggs in Romania

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