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Transitions- valuing and understanding home culture

Families who migrate experience transitions at many levels, and currently all children are experiencing transitions amid the Covid-19 Pandemic. This is a great resource for early childhood education, from Education Scotland, on transitions in the context of the Coronavirus pandemic.…/1RIT_iZuh-rn7cBnmEn-D8C4bfJ…/view

Transitioning back into early years settings brings new opportunities to connect with families, and to value children’s backgrounds and home learning experiences  🛩 🌍 As we learn about and celebrate different cultural backgrounds, we enrich the learning experience for everyone in our settings. Play is key in all this, and ‘can help children feel successful and celebrate what they know already’ (p6 of the attached powerpoint Coronavirus (Covid-19): Supporting young children at points of transition).

As early years settings reopen in Scotland, it is a great opportunity to listen to and get to know more about families backgrounds. Through this we can build connections between home, school and early years settings. This will enhance children’s experience, wellbeing and learning.

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