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National Flowers

These ideas around the theme of national flowers are a great way to help children learn about the different flowers of their own heritage, and those in their wider families’ and friends’ heritage.

These activities also encourage outdoor learning and exploring different forms of storytelling.

Here’s the introduction to our family group themed around national flowers. You could do these ideas in your own home, or early years setting.

In the group, we started with a quiz about the national flowers of countries that were special to those joining us.

Then we explored a legend behind the national flower of Scotland. I told this story using a storyboard with pictures on to help remember the story.

We looked at two activities that families’ can try together- see this video to see the ideas…

And we played ‘I spy with my little eye’. You could do this when you are out and about on walks, helping children look for flowers that are the national flowers of different countries. You could do it with different colours of flowers for young children, and with letters for older children.

For example…

“I spy with my little eye….something beginning with ‘p'”

Or… “I spy with my little eye….something red”

I hope you enjoy these activities, and if you have any feedback do get in touch 🙂

Poppies: Image by Peter Dargatz from Pixabay 
The story board idea was inspired by some fantastic training I attended online recently by Chris Holland, here is his website:

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