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Cultural treasures: Music collection

This activity celebrates different songs that are important to us, and helps to share more about different cultures and languages.  

You will need: 

  1. Any old, scratched CDs that could be given to children to play with (check they are not unsafe if they are damaged). Children can explore texture, the light reflecting on them and play in imaginative ways with the CDs. 
  • Either empty cases, or make your own CD pockets (see the template at the back of this pack). 

Activity method: 

  • Using your empty cases or your own CD pockets, together as a family build an imaginary CD collection of songs special to you and your culture.
  • Children can draw or write the names of different songs on the CD cases/ pockets. 
  • These might include nursery rhymes, traditional country songs and other favourite songs from lots of different places. 

Once you have this collection, here are some ideas that you could do with it: 

  • Children and families can pretend to be DJs and select different songs to sing together each day. Dressing up with earphones, sunglasses and using wooden spoons as microphones could be fun too! 
  • You can play family games where everyone closes their eyes and one person picks a CD case/ pocket. They then hum the tune of the song, or act out the lyrics, and everyone else needs to guess what it is. 

Can you share your song collection, or some of it, with your teachers? Early years teachers love to learn about the songs you sing at home, and to try and include these at Nursery/ School. It helps different languages and cultures to be celebrated and respected. This also enriches nurseries and classrooms as we learn about other people’s backgrounds. It helps transitions because it can be difficult for children going between school and nursery, and recognising things from home can be very helpful. 

* If CDs are not familiar in your culture can you try something different, like a spotify or YouTube list with pictures so children can join in? 

* The activities on this blog will need to be supervised by adults to ensure safety

* In the Early Years Curriculums of England and Scotland, they explain how important respect and understanding of different cultures and languages is. It is a human right that our backgrounds are respected, and it helps enhance learning potential. I hope you have experienced this already, and that the activities in this pack are useful in continuing to grow this understanding and respect. If you have already had a bad experience, or have a bad experience in the future, that is not how it is meant to be. Learning about each other’s backgrounds and celebrating our own helps respect and understanding to grow. Education and learning can be enriched as well by learning about treasures of each other’s cultures.

* CD: Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

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