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Cultural treasures: Easter basket

In some countries across Europe, there is a tradition to fill a basket for Easter and take it to a Priest to bless. There are often lots of special foods in this basket, and it is a great time with families to celebrate together. 

How do you celebrate Easter? 

Do you have an Easter Basket? 

In this activity you will need: 

  • Draw or make your own Easter Basket (there is a template at the back of this pack). 

Activity method: 

  • Fill the basket with pictures, cuttings from magazines, drawings or words about how you celebrate Easter. 
  • You could fill it with what is in your Easter basket if you do one. Or you can draw other ways you celebrate Easter, including egg hunts, painting eggs, eating eggs etc. 

Can you take pictures of what you make, or share drawings, with your teachers at nursery and school? Do you have any special stories about celebrating Easter in your family or culture?

* The activities on this blog will need to be supervised by adults to ensure safety.

* In the Early Years Curriculums of England and Scotland, they explain how important respect and understanding of different cultures and languages is. It is a human right that our backgrounds are respected, and it helps enhance learning potential. I hope you have experienced this already, and that the activities in this pack are useful in continuing to grow this understanding and respect. If you have already had a bad experience, or have a bad experience in the future, that is not how it is meant to be. Learning about each other’s backgrounds and celebrating our own helps respect and understanding to grow. Education and learning can be enriched as well by learning about treasures of each other’s cultures.

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