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Coronavirus pandemic: Changes, challenges and cultural treasures

It has been a while since I’ve written a blog post because of everything happening with the Coronavirus pandemic.

Transitions can often take time to adapt to, even when it is a transition into your own home. New routines, new work styles and a new reality to adjust to can bring unsettling emotions and difficult days.

I’ve been doing a lot more spring cleaning over the last few weeks, getting the house a bit more organised and making space for both me and my husband to work from home. I’ve also been working on activities families with young children can do from home together in this time.

One thing that strikes me is from both spring cleaning and thinking of activities, is the amount of cultural treasures there are in our homes, and the incredible learning experiences these can bring.

Maybe these are pictures, artefacts collected from different places, or family heirlooms. Maybe these things have different stories, about who gave them to you, where they are from and why you have them in your home.

Here are some of the cultural treasures in my home:

Maybe the place you are currently in is not your home, but somewhere you are staying for now. It might not be as personal as your own home, but are there things there that tell a story? Or you might want to think of things in your own home or a family member’s home.

In Michael Rosen’s book, Good Ideas, he shows how there are so many opportunities to learn in our own homes as we play and explore. From learning about creatures like spiders, to learning about lots of science through cooking in the kitchen, there are so many things to discover.

We learn a huge amount about culture in our own homes, and this learning can enrich classrooms and nurseries as we share knowledge with each other about our different backgrounds.

Even things that seem to be nothing special in our homes (for example old clothes, odd socks and cooking utensils) can be used in imaginative ways and provide lots of opportunities to explore and learn for children and families together.

The next few blog posts will be part of a series called ‘Cultural Treasures’. I will provide lots of activities to do in your homes at this time. You don’t need to buy new things for these activities, you just need what is in your house. These activities are written taking into account the Early Years Curriculums in England and Scotland. I hope they are fun for all the family and show how many exciting opportunities for learning there are in our homes. I also hope they show that people from every cultural background have so many learning experiences in their homes. By sharing these we can enhance learning and respect and understanding can grow.

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