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World Book Day 2020

Happy World Book Day 2020!

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I love the laughter and excitement that comes with World Book Day! I remember it clearly from my own childhood, and now working as an Early Years Practitioner I am able to experience it again.

New children’s books, and those passed down many generations, are bought to life.

Similarities and differences are celebrated, as children and adults dress as different characters, or different interpretations of the same character, or introduce new characters from their own backgrounds.

One of the highlights during my Masters research was learning about the stories told in Central and Eastern European families.

Sometimes these are stories I grew up with as well but with different interpretations, like Little Red Riding Hood. Sometimes they are stories I have not heard before. I love learning about the tradition of oral storytelling as well, which brings families together in sharing stories and adapts and adds to traditional tales and family experiences.

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World Book Day reminds us there is no end to the stories that can enrich our lives personally, and our settings when we celebrate together. We can also learn from different ways of telling stories across the world.

In our society over the last 16 years, many families have migrated from Central and Eastern Europe and have rich storytelling histories in their family.

An idea for future World Book Days is to invite children and families from different backgrounds to share their favourite stories, and different ways of telling stories.

With this, communities could connect over traditional fairytales loved by people in different countries, and discover where plots take a different turn. They can also discover new stories from other cultures, and new and exciting ways of telling stories.

Allow children to see themselves reflected in what they read and to have the opportunity to investigate other lives, worlds and perspectives.

CLPE: Centre for literacy in primary education, a how to guide: choosing and using quality books for the classroom, Payal Bhavsar, Thursday 29 August 2019.

World Book Day gives a great opportunity to do this, and the experts to learn more from are the families and children in our communities.

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