Thanks for visiting! I’m Rebecca, and I’m an Early Childhood Educator, Storyteller and English Language Teacher. I love writing stories, creating resources and organising events to enable children and families to tell their stories too.

My work includes the themes of children and migration, connecting with family members who live in different places, and sharing our different cultures.

My story…

The theme of migration forms part of my own story, as a child we moved to South Africa and as an adult I moved to Poland for 2 years. I have always loved stories. As a child I was called a ‘bookworm’ and usually found reading somewhere. I studied English Literature at the University of St Andrews, and researched story sharing practices during my Masters in Early Childhood Education at Sheffield University. Find out more about me here.

Over the years, I have worked with and met many people who have experienced migration from countries including Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine and more. Over the course of my Masterโ€™s degree, I found myself increasingly passionate about combining my work with Central and Eastern European communities with my passion for Early Years education. My work here aims to put the voices of Central and Eastern European communities at the centre of everything I do. Therefore, I established an advisory group, made up of people from different countries across Central and Eastern Europe. We meet every 3 months and the group members act as critical advisors for my work. More information about the group coming soon!

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