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Hi! I’m Rebecca. I work in Early Childhood Education and I am qualified as an English as a second language teacher, with an additional qualification in teaching English to young learners and a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education.

The theme of migration forms part of my own story. As a child, my family migrated to South Africa. This meant a new school, new friends and new experiences. It also meant difficult transitions and goodbyes. As an adult I moved to Poland to teach English for 2 years. Over the last 5 years I have worked with and met many people who have experienced migration from countries including Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine and more.

I have always loved stories. As a young child I was called a ‘bookworm’ and usually found reading somewhere. I loved studying English Literature at school, college and then at the University of St Andrews, discussing stories with classmates and tutors. And since then one of my favourite things is to sit with friends with a cup of tea or coffee, or a meal, and listen to stories of different people and cultures. Find out more about me here.

I hope my work will create a space for people to tell their stories and listen to other people’s stories.

I hope it will be a space for people who have experienced migration since the EU enlargement to share ideas to make a positive impact in communities where people live, work and go to school and early years settings. Find out more about this in Community Activities and English Lessons.

I’m excited to draw upon my love of stories, experiences of migration, and expertise in early childhood education to help make a positive impact together in the lives of children, families and wider communities.

The resources in my work draw from the input of members of Central and Eastern European communities. They are also informed by contemporary research, both othersโ€™ and my own, over the years of migration in this context. I also draw upon personal experiences of migration. I will try to give credit for where ideas come from, and I will also respect requests for anonymity.ย 

Photo Credits: All watercolour clipart is by Nastasia Viktorova, DigitalNastasiaArt. Photo of Rebecca Salter: Judith Hรถrster.

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